What Once Was Shattered: Tales From Old Edocia

Amonos - Open Plot Threads

Below is a list of plot threads from the Amonos storyline that are yet unresolved. I may have missed some. Yell at me if I have.

- Dasharas claims that it is only a matter of time before the Flame of Ahruun reappears in Edocia. Has it appeared already? Where is it?

- Dasharas spoke of Raxes, a Sovereign Black Dragon that seeks the Flame of Ahruun. What does he seek to do with it?

- Who is the mysterious red-cloaked Benefactor?

- The Benefactor supplies Rattlefang with very specific sets of instructions for experiments — But to what purpose?

- Graahlid, The Benefactor, and Keath appear to have fled the shard of Amonos. Where have they gone, and to what ends?

- Aki disappeared shortly after the Battle for Hakros. What fate has befallen him?


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