Graahlid Rattlefang

A gnoll necromancer, wanted for the illegal experimentation on living creatures.


NAME Graahlid Rattlefang

SEX Male.

SPECIES Alhakkar (Gnoll)

APPEARANCE Thin and wiry. Tiny for a gnoll. Purported to be mentally unstable.

AFFILIATION Rattlefang oversaw a large cabal of Necromancers based out of Amonos. He answers to a figure that seems to only be referred to as “The Benefactor.”

THREAT ASSESSMENT Graahlid is still presumed to be in command of a cabal of necromancers, though the size of said cabal is unknown. He is known to be powerful in the arts of necromancy, and has expressed an interest in combining necromantic reanimation with mechanical augmentation. Apprehend on sight.

CURRENT GOALS Currently unclear. Intel on the cabal in Amonos suggests that he — potentially at the behest of his benefactor — is researching the creation of hybrid undead, fusing necromancy with robotics.

Building an army, perhaps? – Salaszar SIlvertongue, Head of Ship’s Finances


Graahlid Rattlefang

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