Thundermaw (Nogärd)

Once a Dragonborn sorcerer who traveled with Angus, Thundermaw


Nogärd was a member of the Prelude Party. He was a dragonborn sorcerer who specialized in lightning magic. Nogärd was slain at Zum-Thaal by the figure currently known only as The Benefactor.

At the tower near the Sandsteppe Caverns, Angus and company learned that since the incident at Zum-thaal, Graahlid‘s operation had found two new lieutenants: one known as Thundermaw, and the other known as The Tormentor. It was suspected that these two figures were once Angus’s companions who met their ends at Zum-Thaal.

These suspicions were confirmed when Angus encountered the figure known as Thundermaw. Thundermaw seemed to have been happy with his undead state, claiming that Graahlid had “made him so much more”.

Angus, Yonder and Aki encountered Thundermaw again at Graahlid’s estate in the Sandsteppe Caverns. Yonder and Aki were knocked unconscious during the battle, but Angus remained standing to deliver the final blow, setting his old friend to rest once and for all.


Thundermaw (Nogärd)

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