Religions and Beliefs

When a being reaches a certain level of power – be it arcane or otherwise – he or she has the potential to become a patron. Patrons are the closest thing that Edocia has to “gods” in the traditional sense of a fantasy setting or D&D game. They are capable of taking a fraction of their power and bestowing it unto another being, who in turn becomes a Cleric or a Paladin. Depending on the power of the patron, this fraciton of power can potentially be large enough that his or her followers can, in turn, bestow fractions of their own power unto sub-followers, and effectively create religious organizations that trace their patronic power to a single being.

This is a listing of various patronic powers that exist in the world. If there is a notation in parentheses next to the patron’s name, that is the most fitting cleric domain in D&D 5e that fits the patron in question. Not all patrons will fit perfectly into 5E’s domain mechanic. There are no rules dictating what alignment or class a follower of a patron may be, although followers who stray from their patron’s ideal may find themselves confronted by high-ranking followers or their patron themselves. The exception to this would be entries that have (Vestige) listed as their domain — this means that the patron may only bestow his or her powers to create a warlock, never a cleric or paladin, and the follower may not bestow his or her power unto a sub-follower.

Dasharas (Tempest)

  • Patron of: Storms, skyfarers.
  • Sigil: A gauntlet with an open palm, with numerous shards floating in its grasp.
  • Favored Weapons: Spears, lances, and javelins.
  • Ideal: Guide the lost to their homes. Show no mercy to those who would prey on them.

Dasharas is a cloud giant. He resides in a great ship forged from iron and stone, exploring the Aether while he guides wayward skyfarers to safety and metes out justice on pirates with spear and lightning.

Vylenus (War)

  • Patron of: Valor, bravery, honor.
  • Sigil: A red sun, with swords for its sunbeams.
  • Favored Weapons: Straight swords, curved swords, rapiers.
  • Ideal: Live, fight, and die with honor. Respect your foe as you would your brother.

Vylenus is an angel who resides in the Cathedral of Swords in Azalon. She oversees the highest bishops, clerics and paladins of the Faith of Blades. With their monarch and heirs recently slain, she is the closest thing the Azalonians have to a ruler.

Prisella (Nature)

  • Patron of: Beasts, the natural order,
  • Sigil: Three winds swirling together as one.
  • Favored Weapons: Thorns, whips, tooth-and-nail.
  • Ideal: Maintain the natural order. It takes fragility to cultivate great things.

Prisella is a mistlike figure that hails from Clea, a mostly uncivilized shard teeming with wildlife. It is said that Prisella is a woodland spirit that seemed to have formed when Grinshari settlers attempted to cultivate the shard.

The Excarnate (Death)

  • Patron of: Inevitability.
  • Sigil: Death carries no banner.
  • Favored Weapons: Death is inevitable.
  • Ideal: Embrace the end of all things. Usher the inevitable to those who would defy it.

Next to nothing is known of the origins of this entity, though countless storytellers are happy to provide their own ideras. Some legends say that it once was a wicked wizard or sorceress driven mad by a lust for eldritch might, while others claim it is a vengeful spirit from another plane. Some scholars posit that it may simply be a naturally occurring phenomena, and may not even be sentient or aware of its divine power. Regardless, cults dedicated to The Excarnate are known to form on shards that wind up becoming a victim of the entity.

Sarhakkar (Vestige)

  • Patron of: The Yaun-Ti Empire of Amonos
  • Sigil: A king cobra baring its fangs.
  • Favored Weapons: Scimitars, Falchions.
  • Goal: Awaken, and restore to power the rightful rulers of Amonos.

Centuries ago, the desert shard of Amonos was ruled over by an empire of serpent-like beings called the Yaun-Ti. They were a powerful and tyrannical people, and they kept the other races (Primarily, the Alhakkar) of Amonos as mere peasants, slaves and servants. When the lesser races rebelled against their leaders, it is said that they came into a powerful artifact called the Flame of Ahruun, and used it to place the Yaun-Ti into an etheral stasis. Hundreds of years later, the world of Amonos has been a realm free from the iron grip of the Yaun-Ti, and they have been declared more-or-less exctinct.

Cleric Domains that still need patrons: Knowledge, Light, Life, Trickery

Religions and Beliefs

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