A tiefling lowers her torch into the darkness below, peering down the cramped spiral staircase leading into the crypt. She turns to her robotic compatriot, beckons it to follow, and draws her blade as she carefully descends.

On the shard of Valen-Thrynn, battalions of elven knights armed with lance and blaster take to the air, mounted atop armored pegasi, to clash with a black-scaled dragon.

Orc warships of the Grinshari Empire loom in the open sky against countless human vessels, photon beams and arc cannons lighting the night sky in a beautiful yet haunting display of colors.

Once, There Was One.

Countless millenia ago, Edocia was whole. A great empire once spanned across the globe, home to the long-extinct race now known only as the Firstworlders. These people, in their gleaming black cities and inverted pyramids, perfected their eldritch powers and unlocked arcane mysteries that baffle even today’s scholars. The Firstworld empire stood tall and proud for eons, until an apocalyptic event known as The Shattering brought an abrupt end to life on Edocia. The event began with earthquakes and firestorms, the foundations of the earth splitting open as landmasses began taking to the sky. Anyone not caught in the hellfires below found themselves isolated on floating masses of land. The First World was gone

All Wounds May Heal.

Whatever cataclysm wracked the earth left the surface scarred and barren, forever inhospitable for nearly all forms of life. Time passed, however, and high above the skies of Edocia, atop the floating pieces of the old world, new life took shape. This life was primitive at first, just like it had been the first time, when the world was whole. It was a new beginning for the world of Edocia, or rather — new beginnings for the shards of Edocia.

Now, There Are Many.

Millenia have passed since the ruin of the old world. Atop the shards of the first world, new civilizations have developed. Great empires have rose from the ground, taken to the skies, spread to other worlds, and ultimately fallen. The shards of Edocia number in the tens of thousands, their ecosystems as varied as their cultures. These worlds are ripe for exploration, discovery, and high adventure.

Not in Greyhawk Anymore.

As a campaign setting, the worlds of Edocia are a little bit different than what you might be used to seeing in your D&D games. Most notably, it’s a setting that shamelessly indulges in anachronism, pulling imagery and themes from science fiction tropes while striving to remain in the realm of high fantasy. Edocia is a setting where an average party is just as likely to have brave knights delving into dungeons as it is to focus on the crew of a technologically advanced airship meeting new civilizations.

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What Once Was Shattered: Tales From Old Edocia

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