Endrek Valar

A former Azalonian noble, and alleged necromancer.


NAME Endrek Valar

SEX Male


APPEARANCE Approximately 40 years old. Graying hair, thin, and weak. Keeps a thick brown cloak wrapped tightly around his body.

AFFILIATION Endrek Valar is the son of Phaedrek Valar, and once held the title of High Lord of Tyronis. Approximately two years ago, Endrek disappeared suddenly amidst social unrest regarding accusations that he had been practicing necromancy.

THREAT ASSESSMENT Currently unknown. Rumors of his necromantic practices hold a fair amount of water, but are yet unconfirmed. When he was brought aboard the Thunderguard, he seemed delirious and weak.

Keeps mumbling about “Red Shadows”. Not right in the head. Advise medical help and/or therapy. – Haveriik Grathar, Brigmaster


Endrek Valar

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