"The Benefactor"

A red-cloaked spellcaster who caused the demise of the Prelude party.


NAME Identity unknown. Underlings only seem to refer to him as their “Benefactor.”

SEX Presumed male.

SPECIES Unknown. Appears to be some variation of monstrous humanoid. Glowing eyes make any Type 1 races unlikely, except possibly tiefling.

APPEARANCE Approx. 6 ft. Weight unknown. Last seen wearing flowing red robes with a thick cloth drawn over his face. Glowing orange eyes visible between facial cloth.

AFFILIATION Clan Rattlefang, a cabal of necromancers from Amonos.

NOTE: Graahlid was discharged from Clan Rattlefang in 1422 AE, approx. four years ago now. His cabal is separate from the Clan Rattlefang that currently holds a seat on the Black Thrones. Please correct this. – Augustus Thunderfist, Lord-Commander

THREAT ASSESSMENT Exteremely dangerous. Has exhibited hostility towards Lord Commander Angus in the past. Highly potent spellcaster with an interest in necromancy. Handed out orders to a large cabal of necromancers on Amonos.

CURRENT GOALS Unclear. Intel on the cabal in Amonos suggests that he is researching the creation of hybrid undead, fusing necromancy with robotics.

Graahlid Rattlefang
Keath Panson


The mystery mage encountered the Prelude Party as they were investigating Salaszar Silvertongue’s stolen goods in the Gnoll encampment at Zum-Thaal. He was accompanied by two Warforged, and together the three of them slew Keath Panson and Nogärd.

At the tower near the Sandsteppe Caverns, the party learned that this figure is known among Graahlid’s cult as “The Benefactor”. He tasks the cult with performing vile experiments on bodies living and dead.

When the party delved into the caverns below the tower, they discovered an underground settlement of necromancers. Within this settlement was a series of experimentation chambers, in which these practices were being held. It appeared as though the experiments involved replacing parts of living and dead creatures with mechanical replacements.

"The Benefactor"

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