One of the Seven Sovereign dragons, seeking the Flame of Ahruun.


NAME Raxes

SEX Male

SPECIES Black Dragon

APPEARANCE Immense. Estimated 100ft. from tail to snout, wingspan around 300ft. Black scales. Inset, skull-like eyesockets like most Black dragons. Horns jut outward. Reports say he covers himself in jewelry and drapes tapestries from his horns.

100ft? That’s absurd. Can we fact-check this data? I remember hearing the Brotherhood’s dossier on Nebulos pinned him at only 60 ft. long, and he’s the oldest Sovereign. How can this thing be so huge? – Trillian Bolt, Head of Security

That’s what she said. – Yonder, First Lieutenant

AGE Estimated 700-800 years.

THREAT ASSESSMENT Unlike the other six Sovereigns, Raxes has a rather large following devoted to some twisted ideal. It is rare for him to engage an enemy on his own. Apprehend his underlings on sight. That in mind, if Raxes is encountered, DO NOT ENGAGE HIM.

CURRENT GOALS Intel suggests that Raxes — and his vast network of underlings and followers — is working towards the retrieval of the Flame of Ahruun. It is unclear at this time what he intends to do with it if it comes into his possession.



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